The Next Generation of Vocational EVs is Here

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They’re here — EVs purpose-built to meet the rigorous demands of work truck and delivery van drivers. Secure the new Chevrolet Silverado EV or the latest BrightDrop Zevo delivery vans for your fleet and start benefiting from a lower TCO and emissions-free driving today.

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Total Cost of Ownership

Our fleet consultants make it easy to see how implementing EVs can lead to long-term TCO savings. Download these ready made comparisons or contact us for a custom TCO based on your use case.

Lease & Rental Options

From traditional leases to long term rentals and programs that allow you to flex in between.


Rent-to Lease

Meet Your Short-Term Needs Now, Convert to a Long-Term Lease Later

EV Choice Lease

EV Choice Lease

No Obligation Vehicle Turn In if EV is Not a Fit

Open-End Leasing

Open-End Leasing

Complete Lease Structure Flexibility while Retaining Vehicle Equity​

Closed-End Leasing

Closed-End Leasing

Control Costs, Minimize Risks & Budget More Easily​

Rentals & Short-Term Leasing

Rentals & Short-Term Leasing

Meet Your Short-Term Needs with Flexible Terms Starting at 3 Mos.​

Futureproofed Workplace Charging Deployments for Fleets

Simplify the charging infrastructure installation process at your workplace from start-to-finish with the trusted EV experts at Merchants Fleet. With decades of electrification experience, Merchants helps organizations of all sizes streamline the complex process of planning and deploying EV infrastructure. Choose from three program levels to align with your fleet’s operations: 

ClearCharge Work

Merchants assists your organization with its charger purchase.

ClearCharge Work Plus

Merchants manages your infrastructure deployment with your facilities personnel and/or installers.

ClearCharge Work Pro

Merchants manages all aspects of your EVSE deployment.

EV Home Charging Made Simple

ClearCharge Home is an easy, end-to-end service for employee home charger installations and accurate energy reimbursement reporting. Merchants streamlines the process by ensuring charger compatibility for your fleet, coordinates installation through a licensed installer network, and provides fleet managers with electricity expense data for straightforward reimbursements. The result: home charging is finally simple enough to make fleet electrification accessible.

Grants & Incentives​

Leverage Merchants’ knowledge in federal, state, and utility grants & incentives to ensure your fleet takes advantage of these financial benefits.​


A partial refund as part of original payment, often offered by utilities and states for EV charging costs and certain EVs


Financial enticement to encourage people towards an action that would not otherwise occur

Federal Tax Credit

Federal income tax credit of up to $7,500. All-electric  and plug-in hybrid cars may be eligible

Federal Grant

Government funds project proposals to provide public services and stimulate the economy

Foundation & Corporate Grants

Foundation or corporation funds charitable activities in alignment with their respective mission

Proposal & Pricing​

Pricing for leasing terms, rental options, and service offerings built to your specific fleet needs. Contact us for your customized proposal and pricing.​